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C.J.’s Replay Mix | “Waiting for Superman” [ as performed by Daughtry ]

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Actually, this wasn’t my planned blog post of the week or even the timing that I usually post my Replays, but when this cropped up on iTunes Randomizer today while I was proof-reading (or, as I like to call it, “Hacking Into My Emotions Central”), it kinda had me crying. All over the place really. Been haunting my heart like whoa ever since.

So fine. I think it merits a Replay post and I’m rolling with it! Even though I’ve said little on the topic thus far. Sometimes I just take ‘divine inspiration’ like that! It’s gonna haunt my Replay and totally be my anthem of the week now!!


Actually, the lyrics on this one are symbolic of a very personal journey—not a fictional journey. Might not make sense to anyone else, but its hits so close to my heart right now it hurts. So I’m gonna vent a little just to get it outta my head.

{ lyrics to the song are below in red, my observations follow them }


She’s watching the taxi driver, he pulls away
She’s been locked up inside her apartment a hundred days


*blushes* Mmm, okay, I admit it! Busted. Guilty as charged.

‘A hundred days’ might be a slight exaggeration {feeling a mite sarcastic, are we?} but I don’t deny writing is something of a solitary pursuit, for an author. Hard to meet people when you’re hunched over a keyboard for hours, or curled up in your cozy armchair giggling at a book.

And, for all my grousing, I’m one to self-sequester more than not so I must share the blame here.


She says, yeah, he’s still coming, just a little bit late . . .
He got stuck at the laundromat washing his cape!


This, I can SO MUCH believe!! YES!! And yes he SURE IS!! It’s soooooo LIKE HIM!!

If I didn’t read through your full resume honey, I can still see Altruistmarked clearly at the top, in bold, print letters. It should come preprinted on your warning label, even!

Distracted from finding me by saving about 500 others, oh-ho boy do I believe THAT! NO DOUBT YOU ARE!! S’what I get, for picking out Superman huh? Less grief if I settled for Clark Kent, but then—I’ve always liked complicated, haven’t I? We’re very alike in that respect—we don’t much pay attention to what comes too easy. We both like to be challenged and engaged.

We might have to discuss the relative term of “a little bit late” however—lets amend that to, uh, YEARS late” . . .  thus my publicly calling you out on it, sweetheart!! *taps foot*

But I like the, “he’s still coming” part . . . let’s play that again! He’d better be!


She’s just watching the clouds roll by and they spell her name like Lois Lane


Or C.C. as the case may be . . . always did say it sounded like a comic book character.


And she smiles, oh the way she smiles . . .


NOOOO flirting, L.C.! It won’t save you now!

**even if, she is smiling as she says it**


She’s talking to angels, counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car . . .


Yes. All these. For years. Lucky pennies, wishes on stars, prayers, hints, screaming and threatening the Universe at large—pretty much, you name it!

Please, please, please Evangeline! I’ve done the work for him, so light up the night sky just for him to lead the way! Where is Big Daddy LeBouff “Mr. Pushover” anyway? He got kinda lost somewhere, I’m guessin . . . cooking beignets, mayhap? Or washing all the capes of his fellow superheroes just cause they asked him to. *cough, yep he SO would, cough!*


She’s dancing with strangers, falling apart . . .


Daily, as it happens. Pretty sick to death of dancing with them strangers, they smell weird and put their hands where they’re not sposed to, and really don’t impress me with their lame come-ons lifted off beer coasters. Besides, they fall for the outer packaging, and don’t know who I really am!

I sorta remember someone hacking my iTunes playlist to see what song was replayed the most, then feigning it was his ‘favorite song ever’ {suuuuuure it was!} while treating me to delightfully unexpected and impromptu karaoke. Now that, right there . . . that was d!mn impressive! Talk about your ‘blown right out of the water’!

Fact is, I kinda think maaaaaybe I stormed your citadel a few times -ON PURPOSE!- just to impress upon you how utterly unimpressed I was by your clever, personal and unique style of flirting! Just in case you didn’t catch that! 😉

So unimpressed was I that I kinda never forgot the incident either. Interesting how I never bothered confronting any of those other guys though. Just you, L.C. Hmm.


Waiting for Superman to pick her up
In his arms yeah, in his arms yeah
She’s waiting for Superman . . .


He’s late too. Color me shocked ‘cuz usually he’s the most punctual man I ever saw. *cough-tight-a*$-cough!* Tch in my throat there.

Could somebody tell him please? Buy him a watch, maybe?


She’s out on the corner trying to catch a glimpse
Nothing’s making sense!


Oh, there’s so much symbology in this I can’t even break it down to words.

The hope, and the heartbreak. For just ‘a flash of cape’, sometimes I think I pay the price in blood.


She’s been chasing an answer
A sign lost in the abyss, this Metropolis!


Tired of signs. Signs were fine about a decade ago. Metropolis is impossibly large, unnavigational MESS even for the super!powered and scary!brilliant, {So. It. Would. Seem.} and apparently stuffed with false leads! I’m fresh outta patience and now I’m playing it straight.

Here I am. Come get me. I know you can. I’d come find you in that d!mn Fortress of Solitude, if only I could fly myself.


She says “Yeah, he’s still coming, just a little bit late”
He got stuck at the Five and Dime saving the day”


Well— *hesitates* I’d play the ‘stop crusading for the whole world’ card here except, I know that card is gonna come straight back to me with “Return to Sender” stamped on it!! You’d win that battle, hands-down! We both crusade (the art-o-holic and the work-o-holic respectively, I believe you said!!) and well you know it!

So fine. I won’t play that card—I’m too smart for that. I’ll just countermove with, “sure honey, have fun saving the world! But don’t forget to come find me next, ‘kay? Even heroes need to ‘come get the girl’ sometimes.”

Capes in your court, L.C.


She says “If life was a movie, then it wouldn’t end like this”
Left without a kiss


Oh. You *KNOW* that’s right. *cough*

{Still. “G” rating please.}


Still, she smiles, OH the way she SMILES, yeah!!


What did I just tell you about the flirting—cheeky! Impossible man.

**huffs, still smiling. Smiling more.**

Fine. You got me.


To lift her up and take her anywhere—  {Anywhere you like!}
Show her love and climbing through the air—
{Sounds fun!}
Save her now! Before it’s too late tonight!
{I ain’t getting any younger here!}
Oh like the speed of light!


You’ll never regret it, L.C.

But I think you know that. You always were a scary-brilliant man like that! As I recall, the trouble was more about convincing me.

But I’m thoroughly convinced now, Cranky-Pants . . . so hurry up already!


And she smiles—


Yes she does! Because she can’t wait. Dancing on air just thinking about it, half-in-flight already just dreaming of him . . . looking eagerly to the skies . . . hoping for a cape flash . . .


Think you know this guy? Think you *ARE* this guy? Drop me a line in the comments cause I’m dying to hear about it.


A/N: OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER . . . I’m not affiliated with any of these artists, nor do I make a profit from endorsing their music, or intend copyright infringement of any sort. Just a fan and my observations are my own. If you enjoy these artists and their music, please visit their websites and buy their albums to support their remarkable work.

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