Complimentary Personalities

This meme popped up on Facebook today and reminded me that I took this quizzie on my personality a few times– but always with the same result! I.ntroverted iN.tuitive F.eeling P.erceiving The Mediator { } Scary accurate though . . . especially the full breakdown . . .   Yep. That’s me . . Continue reading

Replay Mix: Waiting for Superman

     C.J.’s Replay Mix | “Waiting for Superman” [ as performed by Daughtry ] Daughtry Official Website      (Official video, courtesy of Vevo/YouTube) { direct link here }   Whoa. Actually, this wasn’t my planned blog post of the week or even the timing that I usually post my Replays, but when this Continue reading

Replay Mix: “Never Alone” by Jody McBrayer

     C.J.’s Replay Mix | “Never Alone” [ as performed by Jody McBrayer, fea. artist Jadyn Maria ] Jody McBrayer’s Official Website      (Video courtesy of YouTube. I think its Jody’s ‘official channel’ but not sure. Love to support musical artists officially when I can!) { direct link here }   The timing Continue reading