Replay Mix: Waiting for Superman

     C.J.’s Replay Mix | “Waiting for Superman” [ as performed by Daughtry ] Daughtry Official Website      (Official video, courtesy of Vevo/YouTube) { direct link here }   Whoa. Actually, this wasn’t my planned blog post of the week or even the timing that I usually post my Replays, but when this Continue reading

DIY Christmas 2016: the Tragedy!! (3 Tales of Utter Woe!!)

part one | the so-tragic backstory . . . So, this is the tail end of a story so far back I’ve mostly forgotten where it started. (And if C had blogged better last year, this story would be broken up into shorter chapters, not to mention YouSmartPeopleOfTheInternet waving red flags at me with a severe reality check). Continue reading

Anti-Social? No, Just Social Media

For today’s Topical Tuesday, I’ll try to assemble my personal viewpoint on social media and why I “don’t social” personally. I’ll even try to keep it simple and concise for smooth reading. I might utilize –wait for it!– bullet points (oh, the organization!) But we’ll see how well my good intentions fall out. 😊