Run-By Random Update

– Run-By Random Update –

So, in short . . . my hiatus was relaxing and ended with little fanfare. Honestly, I’m not ready to gear up for a busy fall season yet but –ready or no!– it’s here.

So, I’m keeping this update short ‘n’ sweet! But they say “no news is good” . . .

. . . I took a two-week getaway in Florida, intended as a writer’s retreat, but ended up as more vacation than productive.
However, I’m inclined to cut myself a break there because it’s been “personal insanity” this calendar year (outside of writing). Not just for me, but for all my loved ones too! I can forgive the fact that not much was achieved on the writing front (as I’d planned) in lieu of personal and professional crisis. Sometimes, the human body just needs REST . . . straight up.

It is okay to stop and relax once in awhile in this busy life. It is okay to rest.

But even the vacation had its share of complications. There was some misc car trouble on the road, a small hurricane which made travel more difficult and rained out some of my beach days (though nothing in scope of Harvey).

Then, the shock and irony that mere weeks ago I passed through Houston TWICE, coming AND going, (and stayed with friends down there) and—and—WOW! Fortunate that San An was barely bothered, but swept up in Harvey efforts this week. My workplace is doing a supply/necessities drive for flood victims in conjunction with several relief agencies, and I found this excellent article on ways to help

Please take the time to donate what you can. Remember, even a little $$ helps a now-homeless family who doesn’t have access to basic life necessities. Think how much just a hot shower or clean diapers for your child would mean under those circumstances.

However—I’m doing a personal boycott against anyone using this (or any other) national crisis to further a personal, political or religious agenda, and I refuse to share anything of that nature on my blog or media! I find it disgusting that some people are so self-centered, they’d step on the profuse loss and pain of others as a loudspeaker.

Finally, I joined a new writing group and the Geek Girl’s Brunch group, and I’m really looking forward to some of the upcoming events. I attended the August Brunch, which was really fun, and had the opportunity to meet some new awesome friends!

Apparently, there’s a Cosplay Ball in the works for Halloween and I’m having a delightful time planning my DIY costume! I’ll be sharing pics of the WIP on Artist’s Corner in weeks to come!

Duty calls, so signing off for now! How was your summer? Anything big happen?

Feel free to share in the comments!!

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