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C.J.’s Replay Mix | “Fly To You” [ as performed by Avalon ]

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(Hear the music & artist performance, courtesy of YouTube. Because it was a compilation for a mini-series, I don’t think the artist has an official video)

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This came about as something of “my response” video to my last Replay post (the unexpected one here) and randomizer brought forth a song that I haven’t heard in ages. I’m so glad it did too because it’s so perfect! My heart—it’s right here! *beams*

The ‘artistic medium’ of dance isn’t one that comes natural to me (unlike music, acting and writing) but I do enjoy it so much, and like the other art forms in my life, I treat it as very personal!

I have a guideline that I use dance to express with my body what lies in my heart—and because I do that and make it so personal, I also have a personal guideline that I don’t dance in public, with strangers. Not ever!

Had a friend who did once (formalized ballroom classes) and it made me feel uncomfortable deep down. Wasn’t ‘til later I was able to examine my own heart and realize why that was—what made us have opposing views on this issue.

That for me, “dancing” isn’t about coordinated, practiced steps and poses –though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I find professional dancing performances utterly beautiful— but I prefer for myself, to dance freely when an emotion moves me.

That, I can’t do in a strange man’s arms or share my full heart with a stranger. The very thought horrifies me actually—the thought of stranger putting his hands on me, judging and observing me when I’m trying to be genuinely expressive. I believe it’s the reason I’ve always been stiff and self-conscious about dancing in public settings, agonizing, pulling away and sitting down just as quick as possible.

It needs to be with family, or in the arms of someone I trust so that I can express vulnerability and true emotion in my dancing.

So, though I’ve digressed quite a bit—this song is so much my heart it even made my “uber-secret Family Only dance list!” *beams* Only special, heartfelt songs do that!

‘If I only had wings, oh! You know I would fly straight to YOU . . .’


Listen up, Superman! You’re the one with the cape honey, and the ‘Fortress of Solitude’—how do you expect (mere mortal) me to find you? I can’t fly—not yet!

But oh, if I had wings . . . well . . .

{ lyrics to the song are below in purple, my observations follow them }


Tell me, someone tell me, what is this love about?
Help me, someone help me, figure these feelings out


Ah. Well, I overthink them too much really.

Just stop thinking. I just love him. Plain and simple. *beams*


Strange the way you loved me . . . it’s part of the mystery . . .


Now that one, I do ponder. It took effort to crash my world and I know exactly who loved who first. *smiles* I’m impressed and believe me, I’m looking even more forward to the second time.


Your heart is calling to me, and your love is setting me free! . . .




Oh, if I had WINGS—I’d fly!!
Sweetheart, if I could find a way!
Darling, give me the strength—and I’ll TRY—no-NO matter what it takes!!


It always looks so easy in my dreams. Just effortless. Maybe if I try on the cape, my feet will lift off the ground . . . a little . . .


‘Cuz I want to be by your side
And show you my heart is true
If I had wings, oh!
You KNOW that I would fly straight to you!!


So much so! You ain’t safe in your Fortress of Solitude once I kick this flying thing, honey! I’m so much storming your airlocked doors and hovering ’til you let me in!! 😉


Tell me, won’t you tell me
What it’s gonna take . . .
Help me, won’t you help me
Find my heart for heaven’s sake
I see the way you help me
In spite of the things I’ve done . . .
My heart is singing to me
Just look what your love has begun!


This is so much true! You shouldn’t have started this, L.C. if you didn’t intend to finish it. I hope you know you absolutely tore it for anyone else.


I won’t give up! On what I believe!


Yep. 10 years belief, strong in the waiting!


When I couldn’t reach heaven . . .
“Heaven” reached down to me . . .


I really love this line! Yeah—this.

Here I was, not even looking for it, not even experienced to know what I should be looking for. But now, you’ve proved to me just what love is.


Oh, if I had WINGS—I’d fly!!
If I could find a way!
Give me the strength, and I’ll TRY
No matter what it takes!
I long to be by your side
Prove that my love is true
If I had wings, Lo—
You know I would fly to you!!


L.C. –I’ll beg, borrow, find, rummage, devise, create, jimmy, or innovate those “wings” if it’ll help you. Just show me how.



What song is blowing up your iPod –or blowing you away—this week? Hit me up in the comments! Cool video plays are awesome!! 😉


A/N: OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER . . . I’m not affiliated with any of these artists, nor do I make a profit from endorsing their music, or intend copyright infringement of any sort. Just a fan and my observations are my own. If you enjoy these artists and their music, please visit their websites and buy their albums to support their remarkable work.

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