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C.J.’s Replay Mix | “Any Lucky Penny” [ as performed by Nikki Hassman ]

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(Video courtesy of YouTube. Unfortunately, Nikki’s album is out of print (I believe) and I can’t find much of an online presence for her. I bought her album via used CD on Ebay and ripped the music myself but, alas, her songs may be hard to find commercially.)

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I loved this little song for a long time. I’ve been a “since-their-first-album-came-out” fan of the vocal group Avalon—but over the years they’ve gone through some vocalist changes. Nikki was one of the original founding members of the group—that’s how I was ‘introduced’. 😉

I think she did their first two albums before she broke off to pursue a solo career. It was 2008 I found out she had a solo (debut) album (can’t recall how) and that it was out of print. Digital music was slowly becoming the norm but for this, I actually had to order a used copy of her CD on Ebay since it was out of print and I ripped the tracks into my musical library all by myself, falling in love with several of her songs.

Any Lucky Penny is still one of my all-time favorites (and I’ve long hungered for a karaoke copy).


This was (and still is, to a great extent) just a sweet, phoofy, “comfort song”. It’s so gentle, bubbly and happy it makes me feel bubbly and happy listening to it. Nikki’s voice is perfect. I love the sweet promise nestled in the lyrics and I love how it awakens me with the message of “maybe I’m not right here, but if I’m in your heart, then I’m never far. Just dream of me and I’ll be there.”

And I’ve done exactly that, many, many times!

{ lyrics to the song are below in rose pink, my observations follow them }


Baby, look around
See that I’m nowhere to be found

You wanna bring me near?
Then close your eyes and I’ll appear!


And dream over me with a tear
Anything it takes to wish me here
Oh, magic and sweet lullabies
Any lucky penny will do fine . . . oh, to wish me here!


Your arms are open wide
Waiting for me to run inside!

I’ll meet you in the clouds
Please use your power to bring Heaven down!

And when we’re face to face
The whole world just fades away

So darling, take me to the place
Where it’s just you and I
Every single night!!


Oh—then dream over me with a tear
Anything it takes to wish me here!
Oh, magic and sweet lullabies
Any lucky penny will do fine . . .
(Oh yeah!)
Any lucky penny will do fine
Oh, to wish me here!
Just wish me here!


Shall I tell you a little story about “lucky pennies”? *smiles*

I was out for one of my “starlit creative walkies”, trying to work out some fic in my head, to unite my starcrossed lovers (who were at this point in the story—not crossing each other’s path).

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a gleam of copper—a bright, shiny, new penny lying in a crack in the pavement. Like the magical night it was, this song popped up on my iPod as I bent down to look.

Logan was walking alongside my ear (as he so often does) and I heard him. **You gonna pick that up?**

I smiled. “Why? Is it lucky?”

With that whimsical question, I sort of had my answer. Don’t want to give too much away since this is still an idea percolating but I got this lovely mantra that so much fits the **song** and the star-crossed scenario in my head.

**The FIRST penny is a wish, the SECOND penny is for luck. And the THIRD penny will bring me here, sweetheart!**

OMG!!! First, I kinda been looking for shiny pennies EVERYWHERE!! (Shh! Don’t tell!) *giggles* Second, methinks this magical-romance tale is sorta gonna be AWESOME when I finally do write it!! Happy endings all around!! *giggles*


What’s trending on your top favorites songs?? Songs tell stories and I do so love to hear them!! Share a little story with me in the comments, please!! 😉


A/N: OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER . . . I’m not affiliated with any of these artists, nor do I make a profit from endorsing their music, or intend copyright infringement of any sort. Just a fan and my observations are my own. If you enjoy these artists and their music, please visit their websites and buy their albums to support their remarkable work.

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