Nostalgic Dreaming

When I was young, I remembered my dreams beautifully. I’m not sure why that was or why I struggle more with remembering my dreams now that I’m older. I don’t sleep any harder or sounder than I did as a child so I’m guessing this is an offshoot of aging somehow. But, it saddens me that I forget what I dreamt now most nights, because my dreams provide such inspiration—and the most vivid and fascinating ones evoke wonderful book ideas!

(After you axe the part with the homicidal clowns, of course. Or write a book about that and drag the whole world along for your nightmare.)


All that said, sometimes I do remember if I awaken suddenly amidst a dream—like I did last night.

The worst dreams—the ones I truly, truly hate—are flat, insipid recounts of mundane daily activities. They waste my valued hours of rest, and they put me in a bad mood the following day.

But even they serve a purpose when I have them, because they let me know upon waking that I’m not feeding my brain enough creative stimulation! If all my mind plays back overnight is a recount of the previous work day, then I know it’s time for me to switch off the “life stresses” grab a good book instead, and feed my mind somewhere glorious to journey tomorrow night!


Last night, I half-woke to find myself dreaming a long-forgotten fandom I used to roleplay. The dream scenario as I recall, was a hilarious “merry mix-up” with mistaken identities and comedic timing, and I got to be right in the center of the action!!

Cheesy plotlines ensued (the sort I never actually write myself *cough-cough*) but it was made adorable “happy endings” by the surprise appearance of my old internet friends in the mix, like a virtual party in my head of people I haven’t seen in decades but look back upon with profuse fondness.

It was delightful awakening in good spirits and find myself surrounded by characters I’d forgotten but still felt very comfortable with. The passage of years fell away and it was just like it happened yesterday! Such was joyous reminiscence of what fun we all had together! Makes me wish we hadn’t all lost touch so I could excitedly IM them all, “you’ll never guess what I dreamt last night??? OMG I KNOW RIGHT—what awesome times we had! But it was soooooo long ago!!”

In fact, I spent all my dozing time trying to recapture it because being abruptly woken out of it changed the flavor of dream, as its sometimes apt to do. *sigh*


It’s strange when a dream doesn’t match anything that has happened recently, though. Because even dreaming about recent circumstances or people who surround you on a daily basis makes sense. A few weeks ago I was on vacationing for an extended three-day weekend and I basically hung out all weekend with a certain group of friends and we had fun together.

That’s why it was extremely bizarre to me to randomly awaken at the end of that weekend and find myself dreaming I was hanging out with a totally DIFFERENT group of friends (these guys I also hadn’t laid eyes on in a-year-and-a-half)!! It wasn’t like we were discussing them or anything, because the first group doesn’t know this other group—two totally different social groups!! I have no CLUE why my subconscious went there after spending all weekend with other friends—I mean, if I was dreaming about hanging out with my friends—hmm? I can find no logical association at all.

All I can say was my brain must have been on a very weird “train of thought” that night—apparently it jumped the tracks entirely and went on a wild bender to bring “extra friends” along to the “weekend party”. *LOL!* My brain might be a little more social than logical, huh? Can’t stand to hang with just “one set” of friends for the weekend! 😉


Do you remember your dreams? Are they usually nostalgic, or more practical? What is your favorite dream?

I’m always fascinated by others dreams and stories! Please share in the comments!

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