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C.J. Connelly (pron. ss-ee-jah-ah-ee)
person, female, singular




  1. Author & artist; creative individual
  2. Self-entertaining, romantic, elegant and expressive
  3. Versatile mind capable of self-education and interaction
  4. Smart & strong-willed individual, capable of much sassing
  5. Whirlwind of activity; a storm of artistic works




C.J. has written novels since birth (granted, her stories then were about waking up crying to a bright light) but with time, she grew up and now resides in San Antonio, where her stories eventually became much more interesting. Now she writes books for both older teens (@CrackleDust) and young readers (series forthcoming).
She moonlights part-time as a mermaid to entertain her delightful nieces and nephews, and has many incredible adventures on the high seas with her pirate boyfriend, avoiding the nefarious clutches of her stunningly beautiful but tragically evil twin sister, the Siren. She also performs a fabulous rendition of “Part of Your World” as obligatory for mermaids everywhere!



C.J. loves all things authoring & the art of storytelling {#my writing; Topical Tuesdays};
Creating beautiful handcrafted awesomeness {@artists corner; picspams; resources};
Spending girl!time with her friends{#my-peeps};
Handsome and scary-brilliant, techie gourmet cyber-reporters{@love-letters-to-Logan};
Excited squeeing over book ideas & utter awesomeness {@sneak-peeks};
All her writer friends {@wcb; #bff love};
Starlit creativity walks {#starlit magic};
Obsessing on inspiration music {@cjs-replay-mix};
Shiny new discoveries to fangirl over {!its my favorite};
Warm sunshine and wild, windy nights;
Eclectic thoughts & stories {#my .02; topical tuesdays
Vivid dreams/&/daydreams {#starlit magic};
Occasional cosplay;
Ross shopping;
Rosas enchiladas;
Most of all, spending as much time as possible enjoying Logan, her beautiful nieces and nephews and her friends and family!



10 Movies I ♥ Like Whoa!



quoting Logan: “my girl is
forever a work-in-progress.”

Renovated C.J. Connelly Books.
Built family business.
Published first project.

Signed 1st Copy of Majickal for Scott.
1st book signing @ Nerdtastic.
DIY Christmas Gifts for Kiddos

Resumed Daily Journalling.
Blogging Weekly

Began drafting {New Children’s Book Project}.
Finalizing Ice-Ice Age for publication.
Searching for children’s illustrator.
Possible move to a new residence.

My 2018 Goals:

Launch first children’s book
Publication of @CrackleDust book 3
More concentration on book promotion.
Join online writers forum /&/ launch Writers Coffee Break
Plan a CA residency for Summer 2018

My 2019 Goals:

Continue children’s series.
Make business independent.
Other goals in progress.