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“Organized Life” | MC Jr. Upgrade & Picspam!!


Sooo . . . my awesome techie bro Mike built me a custom PC in 2004 (like, hand-engineered from components; computer parts-up). Aaaaamazing little machine it’s been though!! My up-til-2004 PC (probably running Windows 98 back then *lol*) finally crashed from its 100,000th virus, and so I was tragically computer-less—and my then-upgrade to brand-spankin-new machine cost a whopping $400, ran Win XP and was amazingly fab!!

(I sure got my moneys worth outta that deal!!) So fabulous, in fact, that when it finally crashed this year (2016), I realized my PC, “Tech Baby”—actually ran 11 FULL YEARS with virtually no problems!! (I think a Ram –maybe motherboard?– crashed ONCE and we bought a new Ram and just popped it in the slot and it worked fine. I bought a solid-state drive last year after my old-spindle-C drive finally wore out—but, other than that, the whole system ran like butter!! Literally those were the only hardware changes in 11 years!!). That was a crazy-good system!!

(I think more than anything I was shocked it finally wore itself out! Kinda thought that my baby would run forever!! LOL!!)

But, all good things come to an end. My fans wore out and the system overheated and it finally crashed my system about 3 months ago (I couldn’t even get Tech Baby to boot up anymore). Which, since I don’t do much digi art as I used to and have been on a writing freeze for the past year, wasn’t as tragic as it would have been. Sucked but I didn’t lose any data or anything vital so if it had to crash, now was the time.


Looking really good, right? I keep my desktop really sparse as far as icons.
Still needs some work though.


So my remodel this year (since I already upgraded a few things, like my LED monitor and brand new SSD) only cost me $350 (which I consider a steal), runs Win 10 like it’s nothing (Mikey built it again from components, and installed it for me since Windows 8 had totally crashed) and is working beautifully. The other snag is the wireless company I’ve used for the past 3 years shut down over Christmas (bought out by Sprint who just shut them down to use the equipment!! ARG SUCKS!!) so now I have to shop for new internet and pay to have it installed on top of the upgrade. *sigh* This totally ate through whatever I had left in my (so-called) “book fund” none of which, I point out, actually went towards publishing my books. Instead, it sank into vehicular repair and computer upgrades.

BUT– I can still work offline (some) so I’m installing programs and customizing my new baby. That’s why I have to picspam this . . . I admit I’ve been totally distracted this week with my shiny new toy!! *giggles*

But isn’t He gorgeous??



Haven’t gotten to the Start Screen yet (which I also need to customize) but I custom-iconed my whole “Creative Workspace” backup drive (where I store my art and writing projects). Some of these icons came from sets and, a lot I totally personalized, but it’s really awesome to see (at-a-glance) what I’m working on.

Here … take a closer look …


I absolutely **HEART** the custom notebook icons for my books (looks just like my fic brains … lol!!) since that it totally how I write anyway. Need to put up an Artist Corner post on how my fic brains work. {UPDATE: FIND THE FIC BRAINS POST HERE} My sister told me she writes on her phone (cuz its on the go with her) ………….. no. I just could. Not.

Oh, and that’s my real nieces and nephews on the Photo Gallery icon, I did photos of Bryer/Bryson/Brynn & then that’s Ada & Elli in the background!! *LOL!*

You can’t tell I’m a proud Auntie-C at all can you??? *beams*



I’m also proud of my screen-capping icons, those are my real screen-caps actually—so go-me! *lol* Pulled those from some of my old promo art, which worked out to be just about the right size and was already recolored for my convenience. Definitely eye-catching!!



Well, and I started working the Start Screen a little bit (sectioning it off for Art and Writing) but I haven’t really adjusted to using it as a shortcut yet so haven’t come too far.


Okay, but kinda rough still.


What do you guys think of all my pretty new digital workspace? More on this as I go,

♥ – C.J.


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