Sneak Peek Saturday: “Majickal Proof” (first look)



Sneak Peek Saturdays | “Majickal” My Author Proof Copy (first look at the published book!!)



I don’t think I can remain the cool, coherent blogger for this Sneak Peek Sat post!! I think maybe there’ll be some capslock screaming and lots of jumping up and down making girlie!sounds and excited flailing flippin’ all over the place!!!!!!! Be warned. 😉


I haz to picspam all you guys right????????


Soooooo …………… ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What more can I say than that??? It’s truly better than I ever imagined, even like in my first visualizations … it just turned out so beautifully, and I’m so proud of all the handmade art, and the cover and the humor ……………. I mean, it just all looks so good!!!

‘Cuz it was handcrafted start to finish by an artisan; I made everything from scratch so its no assembly-line “blah-blah” book ……… its way cooler than that!!!!!

From the writing to the illustrations and artwork …………… I just WANT TO SQUEE TO THE RAFTERS IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Front Cover: (I know the gloss-coat makes it kinda hard to photograph …. Still ….)


Back Cover:


Interior Title Page: (with my handmade logo!! *beams*)


Interior Chapter One: (with my oh-so-cute Fu-Belle page #!!)


I can’t flail or scream any harder here— its gorgeous!!! & I know it probably has typos and issues and …….. DON’T CAAAAAAAARE!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG!! I just *flails and dies in her excitement* TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can’t tell I’m excited at all, right???????? *hees*

So, be kind my readers and leave me love ‘n’ squees in the comments!! *beams*


**UPDATE: July 2017**
Majickal is now available in both paperbook and eBook, so you can own your own copy and see the art up close and personal! 😉 Feed the starving author & check us out here.

The sequel, Ice-Ice Age is due for release in Winter 2017!


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