Sneak Peek Saturday: Majickal Cover Art!



Sneak Peek Saturdays | “Majickal” The Book Cover (first look at my cover design!!)


Speaking of awesome stuff created in Photoshop . . .

{ not that we were, but lets go with it! LOL! }


So, today I ended up making the BOOK COVER ART for Majickal for FIVE FREAKIN HOURS!! Not what I had planned (actually what I’d planned was to pack for my trip –L’s weddingwhich I did do, and managed to squeeze in a walkies and cleaned the kitchen besides). Me for the weekend-win!!

. . . still, 5 hours worth of work in Photoshop and like 90 layers later … whatdya y’all think???



I was having the hardest time getting past how to show ‘n’ tell the very unique characters in the book. Stock art (because of the specialization and what not) just wasn’t gonna cover it, and I kept looking at sketches and portfolios, but that felt too “cartoony-kidsy” book . . . until I got the idea to just do silhouettes.


Up PROMINENT & CENTER is (of course) F.U.-Belle the FAIRY . . . (him being our main protagonist). Technically, as a character, he’s supposed to be much-much smaller (teeny-tiny even) but I had to amplify him because he’s the central character of the book.

Anyway, I think he looks SIZABLY bad-@$$!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lololololol!!!!* I started out with just the “sharpest-meanest” fairy I could find; strapping him with every possible weapon I could fit in the picture!!!! *lololololololol!*

I particularly love the spiky SPEAR & katana swords … F.U. Belle does look DEADLY for a wee fairy man at that, right???? Everybody, hold your kneecaps or he’ll getchya!!!! *ROFL!!!*

{ I almost feel like he needs to stand out a little more visually from the other silhouettes so he doesn’t blend in too much, him being our hero! But … I haven’t put my finger on it yet. }


And the print quality is AMAZING! (looks good in High Def & thumbnail for Ebooks!!) I used an online template for sizing and kept zooming in/out when I worked to make sure the thumbnail was as nice as the full-on print!! Turned out way better than even my idea!! It just all kinda fell together when I started toying with adding details ‘n’ such, and playing to my favorite characters.

I think it looks slick and professional, without looking like a “cartoony kids book”!! But at the same time, makes me want to read the story!

Alien Invasions, and Unicorns and Vampires texting … whhhaaaattt??? I mean, ya kinda totally KNOW it’s gonna be HUH-LA-REE-IOUS, right???? *beams*

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??????? DO YOU WANT TO READ THE BOOK BASED ON THIS COVER HUH HUH??? CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED!!!!!!! *lol* (Can you tell all my art at work has given me MAD PS skills lately??? *lol*)

Interior art, next on the docket!! This gave me like totes ideas for awesome section dividers, cuz, ya know …. I rock like that!! *LOL!!


Weigh in on the comments!! Welcome your thoughts, ideas and even *nicey-nice* criticisms!!


**UPDATE: July 2017**
Majickal is now available in both paperbook and eBook, so you can own your own copy and see the art up close and personal! 😉 Feed the starving author & check us out here.

The sequel, Ice-Ice Age is due for release in Winter 2017!


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