Sneak Peek Saturday: “Ice-Ice Logo”



Sneak Peek Saturdays | “Ice-Ice Age” “Snowy-Icy” Logo (first look)


So, as I’ve often said—when I need a break from the writing, I tend to go back to artwork. Still flexing the creative muscles (as such) but a nice way to avoid total burnout.

I kinda had in my head what I wanted for the new logo, but not how to do it so I took an afternoon and some Googling to design a ‘frozen-esque’ logo for @CrackleDust Book Two: Ice, Ice Age!

Here’s an early look at the logo for our next book cover!! 😉



Lookin’ pretty good, no? I wish I could walk you guys through how I got from here to there, but mostly I don’t remember myself. There were so many layers and adaptions and filters, oh my!

I know the ‘wind filter’ gave me the icicles look, and the snowiness was mostly airbrushed. I used a few winter textures, blended, and I think I followed these tuts (at least somewhat) . . . then kinda did my own thing to get a more unique look.


Ice Text Effect Tut


White Snow Text Effect Tut


I even went for a snow-capped interior logo (since the magic wand logo looked SOOOOOO CUTE in Majickal, loved it!!) but never could get it to say crisp and legible. Messing around with it for a snow-capped effect made it either blurry or too illegible to make out the text. *sigh*

So I settled for the little ‘snowflake’ nestled instead. 😉 Ah well, that’s why art is definitely an organic process! You don’t always end up with what you first thought!


So what do y’all think of the logo? Comments; suggestions? Let me know in the comments!


Majickal, Book One of @CrackleDust, is now available in both paperbook and eBook! 😉 Feed the starving author & check us out here.

Book Two of the series, “Ice-Ice Age” is due for release in Winter 2017! Stay tuned for more behind-the-scene Sneak Peeks for our Sneak Peek Saturdays!


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