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What inspires you to write?

I find my inspiration in lots of sources, everything from striking images to emotional music to something brilliant that my adorable nieces and nephews say! Sometimes even what I dream at night can inspire me. {#starlit magic}. When the right inspiration gives me a little mental “movie” or “picture” I try to either write down or sometimes sketch out what I see so I don’t lose it.

Not every idea becomes a story (or a book) but the best ones usually do. For more about my books, you can follow the #mywriting tag and find more about inspirations and ideas on my blog here.


Where did you get start in writing/What kind of books do you write?

My humble origins began in fanfiction. {for more on this, read “Fanfiction: A Stepping Stone for Young Writers”} I graduated to what I call “hybrid fiction” {for more on this, read “The Raw Creativity in Hybrid Fiction”}. Then I put on my big girl panties and wrote this marvelous fangirl romance saga (for more on this, read “fangirly-romance, she wrote”} & got that out of my system forever, I hope.

Now I find the humor in pop culture and the fandoms that really brought me where I am today in my cultural parody @CrackleDust and I delight in planning my next series, written for children and dedicated to my wonderful nieces and nephews who bring so much joy to my life.


How long have you been writing /&/ what have you published?

I began writing around high school age, but it took a lot of improvement before I achieved publication.

My @CrackleDust series was first published in summer of 2016. I also have an upcoming children’s series in the works. I generally discuss what’s presently in the works on my blog under the #my writing tag and I also sometimes discuss my upcoming in my annual “writing goal memes” or Sneak Peek Saturdays.


Where can I find your books?

My books are available for purchase through most online retailers such as Amazon, B&N and iBooks to name a few. {See our Books page for more details.} Our online store through Amazon and CafePress we hope to open shortly, with books, merchandise and much, much more!


What do you blog about?

My blog covers an eclectic variety of topics, based on different subjects and hobbies which interest me. I cover these on our Topical Tuesdays.

I also have some reoccurring features on my blog, such as Artist’s Corner (@artists corner) for my DIY projects and C.J.’s Replay Mix (@sneak-peeks)


What are some of your favorite books?

Check out my favorites list here or by following the !its my favorite tag. I also have a small library of unpublished works which were written by many of my dear friends (from my online writers group) which I cherish. Not only because its great writing but for the nostalgic memories involved.

{To see how I bound and organized it, check out the artist’s corner featuring my personal fiction library here.}


Can I meet you in person/or/have you sign a book for me?

Sure, I’d love that!

For a list of my upcoming signings and personal appearances, check out our Events Calendar. Sometimes we also do special promotions or giveaways which include signed book copies. To find those, check out our Giveaways page here.



More about me can be found on the Meet C.J. page or by following tags on my blog, such as #rl, #my peeps or #my .02


What is your family like?

We’re fun and kinda crazy! In my biological family I grew up with, I had five siblings, a house-full of peeps, and lots of fun adventures. I now have seven amazing nieces and nephews who I love to spend time with and engage in all new, awesome adventures!

My philosophy on “family” is that it doesn’t end with blood—if you are very blessed, you’ll find many families throughout a rich lifetime to laugh with and love deeply. I have another “Family” who I chose and who chose me and I’m always “at home” when I’m with them.


Who is this “Logan” {or “L.C.”} guy?

It’s a long and complicated “love story” {but then the best ones always are}.

I hope to release more details soon.


Why do you call yourself a mermaid in your author bio?

Ha! This is a play on my adorable kiddos and my “name” both: “Auntie C” the “sea/C” maid. They more or less ‘coined me’. I do love the beach, swimming and hot, summer weather—and I’ve been known to sing ‘Ariel’ songs, so its apt.

I’ll be getting into this more in later tales of the kiddos.


I read a phrase or abbreviation on your blog I don’t understand. Is there somewhere that explains it?

Sometimes I have a verbal shorthand all my own. Check out my mini index here @CJ-isms




Where did you learn to do all this stuff?

That’s a complicated question, since I’m self-taught in all my skills. Mainly online tutorials (self-education!!), online communities (both for digital art and writing), AND my own practice “trial & error” taught me everything I know. With years of practice and experience came marked improvement.

I know great networking is the key to sharing community resources, so I hope to compile a list soon.

And of course, if you are a native Austin or San Antonio resident, join us for a hands-on writers community experience @ one of our Writers Coffee Breaks! {coming soon}


What inspires your projects?

All my projects come from a variety of inspirations. For a look at my book inspirations, try following #my writing. Or for inspirations from music, try following @cjsreplaymix. For my Art/DIY inspirations, try following @artists corner. For my family inspirations, try following #my peeps or #ada-isms


Who does the covers for your books?

I make all my own book covers, logos and interior art. (for examples of book interior art, see the @CrackleDust Cast of Characters or Spoof Author’s Bio!)


Who built your website?

I built my own website (including all the artwork and logos) to date, although its still a work in progress. Of course, I haven’t done it alone.

For the breakdown of the individual site resources and credit to their creators, please visit our Online Resources page here.


Do you do custom art /or/ could you create/invent something for me?

Time constraints have me unavailable to take freelance work for now. However, as I made all my covers and interior art for myself, I may offer a flat rate book covers/logos service in the future. Please stay tuned (or drop me a line if you’d be interested).


Etc …


Something on the site isn’t working or I have a problem with something on your site. Who should I contact about that?

Contact our webmaster at: webmaster at cjconnelly dot com.


I have a question about Writers Coffee Break and want to speak with the coordinator.

Please send all inquiries about Writers Coffee Break from our Contact Page or email us: WCB at cjconnelly dot com.


I have a small indie bookstore/or I am a bookseller and I’d like to get a quote for bulk pricing on your books.

Bulk pricing inquiries can be sent from our Contact page. We will work up a quote and get back with you.


I’d like to set up a personal appearance with C.J.

Please send all marketing inquiries from our Contact Page, or email us: marketing at cjconnelly dot com.


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