Fangirly-Romance, She Wrote!

It came about my sister and I were swapping embarrassing ‘oh no she didn’t’ youth stories (always a dangerous practice) and, as a show ‘n’ tell piece, I came across this frayed and ancient notebook with my great plans for an epic fangirl-romance story, where in fact the fangirl gets to marry the handsome movie star after winning his heart.

Sounds like a Disney Channel Original Movie plot, doesn’t it?

{What is the 800-number of their teen serial movie department? I have a screenplay to pitch them!}

Actually, I was so young and inexperienced when I wrote this that it wasn’t even ironic humor fiction, like Majickal. Apparently I was totally convinced a fangirl could innocently collide with a celebrity and, rather than being viewed as a stalker, convinces him to marry her. ‘Cuz that totally happens.

(Sure, now it sounds like ironic humor with serious suspension of disbelief worked in . . .)

What’s even better is that he comes to her hometown to look her up after being super-impressed by her stalker, er “fansite”. No “wish fulfillment scenario” going on there! Beautiful work, C!

(Okay fine, it hurts me a little bit . . . or a lot! LOL!)

The more I think about it, the more I want to rework it as an ironic @CrackleDust joke–albeit at my own expense. And while I did make a similar joke poked at “fangirls/&/wish fulfilment scenarios” towards the end of Majickal–again, it was rather at my own expense. I mostly forget the adorable writing faux pasof my youth–but they lurk in the shadowy crevices of my hard drive, ready to leap out and humble me when I start believing my own hype.

This outline is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Oh the days when my outlines were so uncomplicated they fit in teeny-tiny notebooks. In fact, I vividly remember jotting down inspiration one day after class on the backs of several paper Chick-fil-A napkins. Good times, LOL!

It wasn’t completely terrible. There were cute if predictable plot twists and a funny premise. There were several staggeringly convenient coincidences. Of course, they break up for a time but ultimately as they are the “IT” couple, make their way back to each other, despite all his celebrity friend naysayers who believe he should marry an appropriately career-minded fellow movie star.

Just because the story protagonist is named for me and the movie star named for the actor I was totally crushing on–I’m sure it’s one of those staggeringly convenient coincidences and should not be read into.

But . . . ya know . . . those embarrassing and shallow tales of yesteryear helped shape the writer I am today. In that sense, I can be proud of them–proud of the dedication and the passion it took for me to write them at that period of my life. Hopefully that same determination, dedication and passion still drives me to write to this day! I love what I do–but you know what they say: “Writing is something between utter torture and fun.” Some days, it’s the torture. But the experience makes you better.

It also taught me that fangirlism isn’t a valid career option that romance wasn’t the genre I was destined to write for. Sometimes it’s part of my tale, but not the primary focus.

And . . . if I never wrote anything–if, in fact, I had just spent all my time dreaming up stories but didn’t put effort in as a younger writer, I’d never improve. Practice and experience strengthened my writing and defined my self-expression today. So I am proud of that!

Have you any embarrassing past mistakes or life lessons you’d like to share? What have you improved in your own life through trial and error?I love great stories! Please share in the comments!

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