Discovering The Passion

I said a few weeks ago something to the tune of how my best life moments were often tied back to writing (& family! 😊) because when it all flows out of me in this beautiful wave of color and creation! So I’m at my happiest when I’m creating something amazing.


(Actually, there are days it’s a mixture of both.)


Writing is always my truest passion—but there are days when the work is hard or refusing to flow. Again, often tied to stress level or creative exhaustion (total burn-out from doing too much all at once), work distractions or even just sleep deprivation.

There are definite days I want to escape reality through making something wonderful with my gifts but they refuse to play ball. My creative soul has its limits. And there are also days when I lose focus and forget that this is my passion. I grow so numb that I lose all the glorious beauty and joy of WHY I do this in the first place!


Lately I lost some of that focus. I think I’m just tired really (on a mental level) and trying to push through that is difficult and uninspiring. It’s been a hectic year (in terms of Life!Stuff happening outside the sphere of what I’m trying to accomplish as an author and blogger) and it feels like I’m distracted with so many priorities (AND problems!!) vying constantly for my full attention.

I’m burnt-out, partly because I can’t fully focus on the books in the midst of SO MUCH ELSE! That really frustrates me! And partly because, when I am so mentally tired (and my emotions caught in such turmoil) that I can’t remember why I’m so in love with this. Although I really want to be writing, (yes the drive is still there within me) I feel lackluster rather than excited or self-motivated.

I’m sure this is why many writers will retreat to the country and shut out the rest of the world for months. No distractions, nothing to pull your focus away. But we don’t always have that luxury available. For most of us, the world continues to interfere and draw our attention.

So, this week I’m all about resting (letting both my mind and emotions settle) and helping rebuild my energy and return my focus. I’m also pushing through my urge to procrastinate by resolving the life problems that are distracting me and stressing me out. If I’m blurry, tired and out of focus—I can’t see beautiful, now can I? And what I can’t see, I can’t create either.

Finally, recognizing that it’s okay sometimes to take a break. Maybe those life issues are there to help me step away for a little bit, let my energy rebuild and creativity flow come back. I want to be able to return to my book project fresh, with enthusiasm so I can focus on why I love it and bring my best to it. I have a special outing planned for this weekend which I hope will reinspire me with fresh ideas and motivate me to write—but if I can use the week ahead to clear out my Dayrunner and get my life back in order, I think that only improves the game plan.


Do you burn out on your passions? How do you inspire yourself when Life comes down too hard on you?

Tips or tricks for dealing? Please share in the comments!


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