Devious Distractions

– 2017 is Devious Distractions, to me –


Ah . . . 2017 has been a distraction-year . . . deviously so.

I keep thinking, with each new personal dilemma or disaster cropping up, “oh this isn’t so bad, I can overcome this and get back to my writing deadlines. It’s not so much.”

Except, accumulating issues back-to-back-to-back the way its been . . . it *IS* so much!! I’ve privately journalled more than I’ve publicly blogged, due to the fact that there’s a lot of family drama involved—but still far less than I’d like. It’s been too busy for either—not much time to stop in the middle of epic disasters and talk through them.

In short, there was everything ranging from hurricane after-effects (Harvey), to major health issues—even deaths/funerals within our family (3 funerals total). We lost my maternal grandmother, among others. All of this in 2017. This whole year has been H-E-Double Hockey Sticksand that is understating it mildly. Even my “summer vacation” wasn’t much other than recovery.

I apologize because I truly hate disappointing all my readers looking forward to the second book—but ALL THIS (crap!) delayed and setback my professional writing and my publication-forecast deadlines. I’m truly sorry, I never wanted this but sometimes you can’t help what Life throws at you, especially when it decides to play hardball and all in the same year. I’ve cut off any further social commitments ‘til after the turn of the year because it’s just too much right now.

The rest of my family isn’t faring any better (much, much worse in some cases), and we’d all appreciate your good thoughts and prayers as we work through all this.

And personal situations have to be dealt with first before writing and publishing can progress. That is the reality.

I’m writing in the cracks and crevices, when I can fumble for time. I truly hope to get back on track in 2018 and look to publication of the second @CrackleDust, if the dust finally settles. Right now, I don’t have a firm date in mind because I don’t know how long it will take to clean up the wreckage in the wake of this year.

I will try to be a little better about personal communication, going forward.

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