Spoof Author Bios

As part of our series @CrackleDust, we parody many infamous social sites as part of our mythology and have fun sight gags nestled throughout the book. One of my personal favorites are the “Spoof Author Bios” which we are running as a series in each book, designed visually to mimic our parodies.


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Majickal: Spoof “Majick-Book Profile”

This one was a lot of fun to mimic, based off an older version of a real profile page. Some of my favorite details include the “hooded profile picture” (& that all the thumbnails are also hooded), the Age listed simply as “Mortal” (I wanted to include “all but dead” because we mortals are so close to death with our teeny-tiny lifespans, LOL!) and that my profile is “Locked to Top Secret Mage” –that plays to a priceless joke that’s in the book. 🙂

But the best has to be all my book characters giving my announcement post “The Finger”. Oh c’mon laugh! You know you wanna! 🙂 And I really love that King Armando AND Mildred Pfiffer are apparently on my Friends List, though I may be reaching above my station with that! LOL!


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