Anne Genue’s Fangirl Tips

Maybe you aren’t familiar with certain phrases commonly used by fans? Let Anne Genue, our resident Princess/Fangirl, educate you on how to “speak fannish!”


Anne Genue’s Fandom Lectionary | Anne Genue’s ChatSpk Lectionary




The storyline, plot, characters, and setting of a particular show, movie, book, or other thing. This is also used as a term for the fictional world in which a show, movie, or book takes place.


Fan Convention

A huge gathering of fans centered around their fandom, often with special opportunities like meeting the celebrities, buying specialized merchandise or meeting other fans from all over.


Fanfiction (or Fanfic)

The term for unauthorized stories written by fans and set within the fandom they enjoy.


Mary Sue (or Gary Stu) Character

A character which is either too perfect, too extreme, or otherwise badly written. Generally speaking, he (or she) is written as the hero (or the love interest respectively) and has no real conflict or opposition, often a manifestation of the author’s own fantasies or desires.


L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role Playing)

A term for when a fan play-acts a character from their book, movie or TV show fandom, usually along with other fans of the same fandom.


Newbie (or Noob)

A term used for a newcomer to a fandom.



Any info which gives away parts of episodes or movies.



In our books, a quirk of Anne Genue’s character is that she communicates in ChatSpk, “IDK-my BFF Majickal?” If you find yourself having trouble with Anne Genue’s many ambiguous acronyms, this cheat sheet is for those of you not fluent in “chatspk”.


• IRL = In Real Life (p.95)
• B/C = Because (p.95)
• NP = No Problem (p.96)
• NMB = Not My Business (p.96)
• IMHO = In My Humble Opinion (p.96)
• RTM = Read The Manual (p.96)
• YSDWAL= You So Don’t Win At Life (p.103)
• NYD = No You Didn’t (p.101)
• BCNU = Be Seeing You (p.119)
• FWIW = For What It’s Worth (p.95)
• OIC = Oh, I See (p.99)
• GR8 = Great (p.99)
• ID(E)K = I Don’t (Even) Know (p.98; 115)
• STH = Stuff Totally Happens (p.115)
• ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off (p.115)
• SRSLY or SRS = Seriously/Serious (p.97; 130)
• RLY = Really (p.101)
• WAM = Wait A Minute (p.115; 273)
• IKR = I Know, Right? (p.149; 253)
• RBTL = Read Between the Lines (p.130)
• AYFKM = Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? (p.157)
• LYLAS = Love You Like A Sister (p.103)
• VBEG = Very Big Evil Grin (p.99)
• SRY = Sorry (p.202)
• NW = No Way (p.164)
• WTV = Whatever (p.179)
• ILU = I Love You (p.241)
• BTW = By The Way (p.256)

And of course we can’t forget Anne’s favorite: STBYANHPBW = Sucks to be you and not Hubert Pfiffer! Boy Wizard! 🙂



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