Cast of Characters


Meet the quirky and fun characters you may encounter within the pages of @CrackleDust. Here’s a quick introduction to get you started! 


F.U.-Belle the Fairy | Kent Clark (No Relation) | King Armando Wingsfield Pentagram, the 23rd | Mr. Oubliette | Anne Genue | Biffy Winters | Verethraghna, the Persian god | Tailor Wear | King Clarion & Queen Ding-A-Ling



F.U. (Fu)-Belle, Captain of the Fairy Peace Corps

Pragmatic and sensible (perhaps because he’s half-human) he is the unsung hero of our story. He is only a quarter of an inch tall, and has unresolved anger issues over the mandatory “-belle” attached to his name. He alone recognizes the absurdity of the world around him but there’s not much he can do about it.

Kent Clark (No Relation) . . . and we mean it!

We know who you’re thinking about but he’s not related to that guy. In fact, his planet blew up a whole different galaxy as that alien you’re thinking of so their alien planets aren’t even related!
Kent Clark (no relation) just wants to be an ordinary alien superhero like the guy he’s not related to but he’s so mild-mannered he’s still in high school at age 38. His mom sews all his costumes for him. He really believes when he removes his glasses that no one can recognize him.

King Armando Wingsfield Pentagram, the 23rd

The other 22 Armandos were him too, reinvented. The shallow and self-absorbed king of the vampires, addicted to social media and has a castle so large that people starve to death just trying to find the nearest bathroom. He has an ongoing rivalry with famous vampire Alucard (don’t spell his name backward!!) and occasionally LARP’s as a pirate.

(The Mysterious) Mr. Oubliette

A mysterious and enigmatic supernatural being suffering from an identity crisis that prevents him from recognizing who he really is. Tendency to change identities often, complete with outlandish outfits, makeup and 80’s rock ballad numbers. (Isn’t it such a pity?)

Anne Genue, Princess-in-Training

A pretty girl wants to be a professional princess (oh, didn’t you know they had a community college program? Princessing 1.01: “Elegant Handwaving”) Talks perpetually in chatspk. Major-fangirlism over Hubert Pfiffer! Boy Wizard!, her favorite fictional character (but then, aren’t we all?) Beware: she carries a cast iron skillet and knows how to use it!

Biffy Winters, Incognito Vampire Slayer

A normal guy dressing as a cheerleader. No it’s not because he likes wearing mascara . . . (fine. He does a little). But it’s a clever disguise to hide the fact that he’s a vampire slayer ‘cuz everyone knows girls can’t slay vampires right? (Aren’t they supposed to be the “weaker sex” or something? *stifles evil laughter* Sorry.) Ultimately destined to fall in love with a beautiful vampiress ‘cuz that’s just how the story goes.

Verethraghna, Persian god (aka/ Viagra, Vicodin, Velociraptor …)

An ancient Persian god annoyed because the other pantheons like the Romans, Greeks, Egyptian, Norse gods all have big Hollywood blockbusters, but the Persians are being snubbed. Dresses old school: big bushy beard, toga, staff, no baths. Might also help if he had a name anyone could actually pronounce.

Tailor Wear, the Werewolf

An enthusiastic and very attractive young werewolf who loves the great outdoors and becomes loyally devoted to his new master, Kent Clark (no relation). Really hates all vampires, considering how they act superior and don’t like to play ball.

King Clarion & Queen Ding-Aling, Supreme Rulers of Fairyland

The goodhearted, albeit shallow rulers of Fairyland. They hold stronger opinions over whether the prom dress is Blue/Black or White/Gold than the total annihilation of their race.


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