Complimentary Personalities

This meme popped up on Facebook today and reminded me that I took this quizzie on my personality a few times– but always with the same result!

I.ntroverted iN.tuitive F.eeling P.erceiving
The Mediator
{ }

Scary accurate though . . . especially the full breakdown . . .


Yep. That’s me . . .

I have an inherent love of personality studies. I’m convinced it’s the writer in me, as good observation and what makes people tick is at the heart of deep, insightful characterization! 🙂


On that note, this guy is my soulmate . . . scary-brilliant, crusader, logical, level-headed, motivated, independent, perceptive, altruistic, caring.

{Soft spoken … BUT still strongly-opinionated? *LOL!*
No, really? Him? Thinking he knows best?
I said I knew from the beginning who wears the pants … and they fit HIM just fine. *beams*}

Always too busy taking care of the rest of the world to care for himself . . . absolutely! That’s my guy!!


I.ntroverted iN.tuitive F.eeling J.udging
The Advocate { or, as I would put it, the “Caretaker” }

{ }

It was once put to me as, “alike enough to understand each other, different enough not to bore each other, compatible enough to complete each other.” What a perfectly beautiful and poetic summation of that chemistry!

It’s the less than 1% part that saddens me . . . but then, I only need one {and I was never a girl to follow stereotypes}.


What’s your personality type? Do you think it describes you or is there something missing?

Share your insights in the comments!


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