Artist’s Corner: Baby Cowgirl Outfit


Artist Corner | Baby Cowgirl Outfit


I thought this up when I was shopping around for a baby shower gift for my sister-in-law Tiffany. I saw the cutest little dress in Ross (it was brown and pink and looked very cowgirl / “rustic”-ish to me) and immediately it came to me how adorable it would be if I made a little “infant cowgirl hat” headband to go with it.

You know how they sell those little flower /or/ bow baby headbands? Well, I decided I could create something like that at home, and that a doll-hat would be about the right size for an infant.


My sisters (& in-laws) are all very “Texan gals” at heart, so I knew they’d love a Texan cowgirl themed baby gift. Tiff’s turned out so stinkin’ cute that I made a second one for Lolly’s shower last month for Brooklyn, which I named a co-hostess. (Everyone at the shower raved over it, naturally. 😊 )


I just have a couple pictures on my phone of the outfits and dresses, which I snapped before I wrapped them for the baby showers. I had made the little hats to match the outfits and I embellished the little dresses so they would coordinate exactly with the hats.

But, obviously it doesn’t have to be a set. You could do the hat as its own thing or make a different sort of hat entirely. I also bought an Easter dress for Camrie’s shower and did a straw sun hat to match but I can’t find any photos of that one. I must have packed and shipped it off to Abs without photographing it.

So, this was Tiff’s completed cowgirl outfit (for Brynn).

& this one was Lolly’s (for Brooklyn), that I did later. First I found that adorable denim overalls dress at Ross (OshKosh brand). I guess I didn’t photo the hat before I wrapped it, but I did it the same way as Brynn’s, only with little blue flowers to match the denim dress.

The tiny boots I found at Walmart. My heart melted into a puddle when I saw they had infant sizes. I retroactively bought a second pair of boots for Brynn to match her little dress (figuring with all our infant girls around, Tiff can surely swap with someone once Brynn outgrows the outfit).

See below for the details.


  • A doll size hat. I remember I had to check a couple stores cause I couldn’t find what I looking for. I think it was Walmart that only had cheap pink and purple plastic doll hats (very authentic, *LOL!*) but I wanted brown to match the dress and look like a real cowgirl hat. (It didn’t have to be leather, but it at least had to pass). I found them at Hobby Lobby finally, in the doll-making section, for like $3.
  • A sheet of felt, same color as the hat. Walmart has them all colors for like .29 cents. I did brown, to match my hat. On the straw hat, I think I did baby pink.
  • A soft yoga band. I went shopping for infant headbands and couldn’t find them (later I found a 3-pack at Sam Moon in baby-pastels but it was too late for this project). Hobby probably had them but I didn’t think to look there. Still, a soft, stretchy (repurposed) yoga band worked fine. I cut mine down to 13 inches to fit an infant’s head and glued it under the felt.
  • Cute Baby Dress to Embellish (optional). In both cases, I found my ideal dresses at Ross, and I think they were around 18mo size. But an infant can always grow into that.
  • Cute embellishments for decoration.
  • A hot glue gun. (Although I imagine you could sew these together too).
  • Wire-cutting shears.
  • Craft scissors/marking pen.


So, I don’t have any photos of how I put these together but it was fairly easy.

To make the hat into a “baby band”: lay it on top of the felt square and draw around the brim of the hat with the marking pen, make sure its dark enough to be seen. You can use a Sharpie, just make sure you glue that side to the hat itself so the markings are covered up.

Then cut your yoga band to size, if necessary. (Not necessary if you are using an infant band). I took a measuring tape, measured it to 13 inches around (which Google told me was a standard infant headband size) and snipped off the excess.

Using hot glue, glue your band to the backside of the felt circle. Then glue your felt circle underneath the doll hat to cover up the hole in the center of the hat and make it “soft” for resting the hat on the baby’s head. You can also stuff the inside of the hat with cotton fluff, to help the hat keep its shape and give the felt a softer resting spot.

Then glue your embellishments where you want them. I used paper (faux) flowers from Hobby’s floral dept, coral-pink for Tiff’s outfit & in baby blue for Lolly’s (to match the little denim overalls dress). A small bunch of flowers was maybe $2.50? I snipped the (wired) stems off with wire-cutters and discarded them, keeping just the buds. Which I then glued to both the hats and the dresses to coordinate them as a set.

I also found a really cute pin in Hobby’s fabric dept, it had a lace, and oatmeal fabric, and burlap flowers overlayed with pearls in the center (I think it was like $3 or so). I cut it apart with scissors, snipped the pin off the back, and broke apart the flower pieces to use as separate décor. Of course, Hobby has lots of great embellishment choices (ribbon, lace and so forth) so go wild!

I think that’s it. It took about an hour to decorate and wrap cutely for the baby shower(s). Voila!


None that I can think of. This project worked out just like my vision, start to finish.  And as I said, everyone at the baby shower raved over it.


  1. Using yoga bands in lieu of infant bands is pretty well explained above.
  2. Use wire-cutters instead of scissors if you are snipping off wired flower stems. Otherwise they are a struggle to cut.
  3. Ross is the store which loves me. As stated above, the baby dresses that inspired me (both of them) were purchased at a local Ross and both were under $10! That’s a steal!


Suggestions, thoughts, comments? What do you think of this baby shower project? Have you made a personalized gift of your own you’d like to share? I always look forward to seeing what you create next!


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