Aunties & Ada’s Big Night Out!

Well, I’m excited!!!

This story starts last year, with Ada’s very first “Daddy/Daughter” Date Night! Disney’s Beauty & the Beast came and my awesome brother Mikey took Ada out to see it (for her very first theatrical performance) and it was an enchanting evening from all reports! Just so lovely that Auntie C was riveted to hear about how much fun Ada & her Daddy had for their special Daddy/Ada Date Night! *beams*

{ Pretty much the most adorable photo opp of all time! }

Well, Auntie came to town & as it happens, some dear friends of Auntie’s were putting up a fantastic show and of course Auntie had to go see them! “Auntie C” is a FIRM BELIEVER in both support and participation in the arts, and especially at cultivating this love at a young age!

So, Auntie C (as well as Auntie Sarah) invited Ada along, and OH-MAH-WORD!! we had the loveliest ladies night out that ever was! Ada wore her most beautiful princess dress (and Auntie C is ashamed to say it never occurred to her that “real ladies dress up in their finery for the theatre” even though she knows better, but sometimes Auntie C gets “vacation-brain” and isn’t thinking it through when she’s packing) and was enthralled by the music and live dance performances!!

Then, to top off a dazzling evening of excitement and wonder, Ada got to go up on stage and meet all the dancers after the show, and get her program signed by them and have everyone tell her how beautiful she was (which Auntie C could only heartily agree) and show off her best ballet twirls in her precious-pink-dress and it was only the most magical, special, glorious night ever!!!

(which we kicked off with a late-night bowl of ice cream, to huddle around waffle cones and sprinkles while we whispered delightful secrets of our girls-only evening together—shh! We just can’t tell you what was said because our secret Auntie-Nieces code forbids it!!  😉)

(That’s Ada and one of the show’s wonderful guest star dancers from last year!! Isn’t she DARLING?? A magical night indeed!)

Well, much as I wonder if anything could top that exciting night (and I hear from “Mommy & Daddy” that its still much-talked-about) that Auntie C decided it should be made into an annual standing affair! 😊

So, my dear friends again putting up a show in a few weeks and Auntie C has made ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS!! 😊 Last year, we got FRONT ROW SEATS (oh, so TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!) and Auntie C sprung for them this year. My goodness, being upfront where the action is just makes all the difference!!

BUTTTTT—this year, Auntie C shall remember her manners and dress appropriate to the occasion and pull out all the stops when it comes to evening attire! She had a little pow-wow with Auntie Sarah, and we have decided that, as each niece, er, charming young lady, comes of age, she will join us for our Aunties/Nieces Night Out! (Elli and Brynn should be old enough, possibly next year and Brooklyn a year or two post-that). We hope Camrie might come down for a visit, and join us too at some point. 😊

To commemorate this special occasion, we decided to gift each niece with a sparkly tiara, just for Aunties/Nieces Night out. So, actually I had the fabulous pleasure of mad tiara-shopping on the weekend (*cough*, what book deadlines?), trying them on the mirror and pretending they were so-not-for-me . . . gift for my NIECE obviously. I’m just the temporary floor model. 😉

(I just LOVE this adorable mini one we found—not too heavy, and no metal band to hurt Ada’s sweet head. It will just clip in to her lovely golden hair and its PINK besides!!)

Actually, Auntie C gifted Ada with an iridescent-diamond snowflake (“Elsa”) necklace for her birthday, and a little castle-charm necklace for another birthday . . . so Ada has her own choice of “fancy bling” to wear for their night out!! 😉

Whereas Auntie C had to find her own tiara, or will-sorta handmake it as always, since Auntie C is notoriously hard to please with what she finds in stores. Still, this one turned out adorable in Auntie C’s rarely-humble opinion!!

(Why yes, I’m flattered! The stress wrinkles and eye-baggies are 100% natural, thank you for noticing, seeing as how Auntie C’s camera is unforgiving and her bathroom lighting unduly harsh.)

This week is a whirlwind of finding the perfect dress and shoes (Auntie C has not settled upon her attire as yet) and getting everything set aside to pack for the BIG NIGHT!! (I’m sorry, what book deadlines? Does anyone else hear that voice? My book is supposed to be about magic, so shouldn’t that mean it writes itself by magic for the week so Auntie C can concentrate on being such a nice Auntie?)

(Mmm, silver shoes or golden shoes? I just cannot help myself from thinking, “I’m so lucky, I’m wearing the famous “Philosopher’s Sequinned Slippers” to the ball”. A play on the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Reference is from Majickal.)

You can’t tell I’m in the least excited!! Two weeks is gonna drag like whoa now! *beams*

Do you have any amazing annual traditions you’d like to share?

Picspam!Me in the comments, love to hear about it!!

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