Aunties & Adas Big Night Out {the Sequel}

Aunties / Ada Night Out 2017

It was lovely, but like most big events, it passed by in such a rapid blur that I don’t remember most of it. Bits ‘n’ pieces.

{ if you missed the backstory in pt. 1 . . . find it here }


We had lots of fun! Ada was precious-adorable in her little pink princess dress and tiara, we bought her. To my surprise, Sarah & I were both wearing chiffon scarves and those turned out to be very popular. By the end of the night, Ada was wearing both our scarves wrapped around her like fluttery capes, so I guess next year I need to find out what her dress color is and get her one too.

I had also done colored satin opera gloves and those were extremely popular. I was surprised. I thought the sparkly crowns and the jewelry would be Ada’s favorite dress-up things, I never guessed the gloves or the scarves would be.

The other oversight I made was that “Auntie C” had seen this little “Beauty & the Beast” purse and thought it’d make a wonderful gift bag for the little tiara (I wrapped her crown in a regular gift bag at first, but after I saw the little purse at the check-out counter, I snatched it up and put the crown inside that instead). Sounded like a brilliant plan, right?

Yeah well . . .  I didn’t realize . . . last time I gave Ada a purse, Elli was like a year old, just barely walking and couldn’t care less.

NOW Elli is almost TWO and Auntie C very quickly realized she should have bought TWO matching little purses!! *cough, cough* Yes, that little purse changed hands like crazy and the object lesson is duly noted. Anything I buy for Ada, I’d better buy its twin for Elli from now on. Oops.

{the little Belle purse even made it to the show, which wasn’t why Auntie C had gifted it. Ada was carrying this little white one originally, but had Mommy switch out purses before we left so she could take the Belle one instead! She even wanted to keep the tissue paper inside so she could wrap her tiny crown back up in it! LOLOLOL! Awww, Auntie C was just glad it was so well-received, for a so-called “gift bag”!)


(Ada at intermission, theatrically posing in front of Random!Statue!Guy at the Civic Center}


The show was lovely and we were very much made fuss over in all our finery. One thing that Sarah & I both noted {and were extremely proud of} was how well we were treated, ‘as ladies by gentleman’. To which I mean, there were many fine gentlemen that night to hold doors or help us find our seats or do other such polite things that true gentlemen do for well-bred ladies on the town.

Sarah & I both agreed that we were pleased that Ada got the opportunity to witness how true and honorable men are extremely respectful of the women around them, and do nice things for them to demonstrate such respect, and, as true ladies, we went out of our way to be appreciative and model equally respectful behavior in response to their gentlemanly and courteous manners. Everyone we encountered was very complimentary and appreciative of our gowns and we felt very lovely and much adored! 😉

The front row seats were perfect! We got to see everything beautifully!! Sadly, though Sarah took some video of the show and Ada’s reactions, it didn’t save to her phone she said. (Shame cause it was all so lovely!)


(But we did get a selfie of us in our gowns and finery. We posed for a few other selfies with friends too.)


Close-captioning for the performance was provided by Auntie C, who got to explain the narrative to Ada when she kept leaning up and asking me, “what happens next, Auntie C.”


Given it was a new show, Auntie C didn’t really know either what would happen next, but learned she’d better bring wads of tissues along all the same next year. {Let’s just say, one set of parents lost a daughter—heartbreaking! But so beautifully told in song and dance!) Ada followed the narrative extraordinarily well. I’ve come to discover she loves that part of it and wants to be told and fully understand the story as well as seeing it unfold on stage. Which she did, both this year and last!


(Ada posing with one of the beautiful dancers from the show. Again she got to meet all the wonderful dancers after the performance and they graciously signed her program as a show keepsake.)


Of course, we stepped out for ice cream again, as a post-show treat and I can’t remember any amusing sidebars from Ada this year, though last year’s truly took the cake when she informed me and Sarah (most solemnly) that, “her Daddy could not be disobeyed; he was extremely POWERFUL!”

Oh man, Sarah & I couldn’t look at each other after that, we had to agree on the spot! Mmm yes, definitely! If, uh, I was looking for one adjective to describe my baby-bro Mikey, it would be POWERFUL, yes that would be the one! Beautifully said, Ada! Beautifully said! 😉

(He was much amused and flattered later, that Ada is so very impressed with how powerful he is! I’m merely impressed that Ada wasn’t even four yet and her vocabulary lended itself to words like ‘powerful’. Auntie C ain’t the only storyteller in that household! ;))

My other favorite moment was when I told her how pretty her hair was and she turned to me and said, as if surprised, “why Auntie C, you just paid me a compliment! I’d better say ‘thank you’.”

{ According to Mommy, they’d been trading off “compliments” since Ada is precious-cute and gets paid so many, but this strategy backfired like whoa when Mommy absentmindedly forgets to say the appropriate ‘thank you’ to Ada’s compliments! LOLOLOLOLOL!! Auntie C was just set back on her heels by the prodigious child who knows ‘compliments’ and kept on her toes for where she needed to drop her own ‘thank yous’. LOL! }

Since I can’t possibly top those Ada-isms!, I’m closing here. Can’t wait for next year! 🙂


Have we inspired you to start a new special family tradition? Or have one already you’d love to share and inspire us with?

Picspam!Me in the comments, love to hear about it!!

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