Artist’s Corner: Christmas 2017 {1}


Artist Corner | Christmas 2017 {part 1}


2017 has been quite a year . . . though I imagine this isn’t news to many of you. I’ve struggled with consistency in my blogging—because its either a slow period where I’m exhausted and in sleep recovery so I don’t feel chatty, or its moving along so crazy-train-fast that I don’t stop and chat about it. But I do feel bad when long periods go by without me surfacing for air.

Although this isn’t usually what I blog about for Artist’s Corner, I felt like focusing on my Christmas gifting this year. Two years ago, I suddenly jumped from 3 nieces and nephews to 6, as my younger sisters all married and had their first lovely children, in quick succession. It changed my gifting strategies, as it’s a strain on the bank-book to go from 3 to 6 in one year.

Gifting to my beloved kiddos brings me so much joy, but I’ve gone to focusing on Christmas instead of birthdays since I need to cut back and include everyone. Some DIY gifting is involved since that also helps with the financial end. We’re up to 8 kiddos now, as my sister Abbie is expecting her second child in early next year, and we are overjoyed for her! 😊

Keep those precious babies coming, sibs . . . Auntie C will love and cherish them all!


So, September was a feast of shopping and wrapping as last year’s Christmas was decidedly “last minute” and an experience never to be repeated.

Now I’m looking up with a semi-dazed expression and realizing that it’s all done—signed, sealed, mostly delivered and I’m not sure how I got from here to there.

The short story is I’m not eager to travel to North Texas for the holidays. There’s been bad weather, bad traffic, issues with time off, and host of problems all around in previous years. I decided it was 99% easier to just to deliver the presents early and have them video-conference me in for the grand unwrapping (my sibs only stay about that long anyway).

I was in a such a frenzy to get it all wrapped that I didn’t photo everything (and little of the DIY stuff). Always the difficulty with blogging later. But I’m proud of my gifts this year—I think they turned out awesome.

/begin awesomeness show ‘n’ tell!


So, I did themed Christmas gifts . . . which I love to personalize where applicable.



They go camping as a family several times a year –they have a membership at this one local campground and keep a dedicated camper there— so Auntie C decided to get them a camping “Go Bag” for Christmas.

Basically, I personalized it and filled it with “starter stuff”, then the boys can take it from there—”mix and match” whatever they want, to leave at the campsite or take back ‘n’ forth, whatever.

Bryer & Bryson got to share a bag, got them a nice, sturdy sportsbag and put a laminated label on the front:

I put little snack containers and Yeti-style drink cups in & their Mom said they’ve been on a drawing kick, so I added plenty of art stuff, pencils, stickers, sketchbooks, etc …

And (as an author and avid reader since childhood) I’m all about gifting books, so I loved these two . . . this wilderness guide looked so fun . . .

I think the boys will love it, like the guide for how to wrestle a crocodile, LOL . . .

And I loved this one for youth activism, encouraging kids to pick a cause they are passionate for, and how to get started with it, such as hosting a local fundraiser, raising awareness and political activism—never too early to start making a difference in the world around you!

Finally, I topped it with fun handmade stickers which I thought the boys could mix and match, like “beware the attack crocodile” and beware the “attack dinosaur” … so it could be fun and unusual. The boyos are all about personalizing their stuff . . .

And Brynn got a smaller, girlie version of her brother’s “go bag” . . . I put a dollie and some crayons and stickers in hers, along with a PINK sippee cup and snack container . . .

Hers got labelled too . . .



The gifts turned out beautifully, I think. Guess we’ll have to wait for Christmas to see how favorably they are received.


Have you started on your holiday shopping or gifting? As always, I hope my ideas help inspire you!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, if you like!


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