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Artist’s Corner | Disney Cosplay (Belle Costume)

This project came about mostly for Theatre night with the Aunties and Nieces. (You can read about our previous two Theatre-Dressup nights here and here).

This year, Sarah & I thought it would be fun for Ada (and Brynn & Elli, if they end up accompanying us) if we dressed as Disney Princesses versus just dressing up for the evening. Then the little girls could have their choice of gowns and go as their favorite princess.


After some discussion on this, I came across a “Belle” cosplay-apron design (of her yellow ballgown) on Etsy, and loved it. Much simpler than the full-on gown I’m always seeing, like a cocktail dress or a sundress version. I set to work styling a version I liked (a Word doc) and shopped for a gifted seamstress on Etsy to make it for me.


I’d call this a successful project, seeing as how its been my favorite system for so many years. 😊

The beautiful Belle dress was made just for me by the loveliest little shop on Etsy: RavenMaddBoutique 

Seriously, she’s fabulous and if you need anything made, she is the girl to see!!
I styled my Belle adaptation with photos and descriptions and the amazing Emily brought the creation to glorious life!!!


To personalize my dress, I found these lovely tiny gold rose buttons and I’m hand-sewing them on the amazing princess flounce Emily made with sparkle tulle.

JoAnn’s ran a great sale and I snatched up this gorgeous gold-rose embellished voile for a steal! I’m overlaying the sleeves with that, for a bit of extra phoof, and it sets them apart from the rest of the gown.

I have those little beige sparkle pumps and I’m thinking of adding the gold rose buttons to those two, so they’ll match the dress a little better.

Finally, I hand-painted my jewelry (those little yellow roses) and made it by hand- though after Ada saw it, I had to make her a matching set!! *LOLOL!*


I did two hair and makeup tests. My second test was mostly for hair- I love how the hair embellishment turned out (its actually a gold rose-filigree bracelet I found at Burlington that was sized just right) but I’m thinking of tinting my hair a few shades lighter since I make a really dark Belle. My sister (who is awesome with hair) is gonna help for the big night!! 


So far, everything is coming along beautifully. My dress is at a local shop, having the alterations made and I ordered more rose buttons and have to finish them. I ordered the yellow opera gloves and they look great. 

But, I haven’t tried dyeing my hair yet or fitting the final dress so how it all pulls together in the end remains to be seen.


Unless you are very talented with a needle, go with a pro seamstress, I’d say. I’m not talented in sewing at all (I can visualize, but it doesn’t take shape in my fingers) so I took advice from experts the whole way and wasn’t afraid to ask questions like “how do you think this result will look?” or “can I do it this way?”

I think if you want to come out with something unique and beautiful, you need to invest in talented people and the time to make it happen. I planned this project in January for an event in May (WELL in advance of my deadline) so I had time to order, shop around, have things custom tailored, have things altered if necessary and wasn’t rushed to find something quick at the last minute.

Because of this planning and creative progress, I’m very pleased with the outcome.


Suggestions, thoughts, comments? What do you think of this cosplay?

Weigh in, fellow artists! As always, I look forward to seeing what you create next!


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