10 Movies I ♥ Like Whoa! (a picspam)

10 Movies I ♥ Like Whoa!
(Warning: Image-Heavy Blog Post!!)


Mostly I did this picspam for fun and to give myself a little break from writing! I’ve wrote and blogged so much lately, I needed a teeny break. Nothing like art to clear your head.

Finally, these movies are grouped in more random than exact order. I love them all, but they range from quirky comedies to charming tales, modern to vintage. It’s hard to find a basis of comparison for determining a favorite.

Safe to say they’re ALL MY FAVORITES (universally) and I can quote them relentlessly, and watch them over and over (especially introducing new friends who haven’t seen them) without ever tiring of them!


10  |  Stardust

A charming modern fairytale complete with sky pirates, wicked witches, a fallen star, long-lost lovers, a captured princess, a magic traveling candle, a secret hidden behind a wall, a perilous journey, a prince on a quest, true love and much, much more! If you are of a fantasy bent & haven’t seen it—you should! *beams*

There’s so much I adore in this movie, but Capt. Shakespeare and the Sky Pirates make the movie, hands down!! *beams* OMG, Robert DiNiro is my HERO in this role!!



09  |  Radioland Murders

Awww, this is such a cute little film!! I don’t know why it’s so underrated but it’s written by George Lucas & it’s a funny little romp / murder mystery set in the 1930’s at the premiere of a new radio network. There’s a ton of one-liners and sight gags that keep you rolling behind the scenes, interspersed with the radio dramas and music broadcasting live to the audience. It’s a really fun movie, plain and simple.

Radioland Murders


08  |  Anne of Green Gables (& Anne of Avonlea)

This is the type of movie that refreshes my soul! It’s so pure and simple, such lovely settings and the beauty of coming home. I grew up with this movie (as I imagine many girls my age did back in the days when they aired it for like 16 hours back to back on PBS! *LOL!*) & even had the 2-volume VHS tapes of it, once upon a long, long time ago!

And of course, I read the books . . . L.M. Montgomery was one of my favorite authors growing up, though Anne of GG wasn’t my ultimate favorite. The Blue Castle was, and is, my absolute favorite by L.M.M. but there’s a woman who knows the value of imagination and grown-up fairytales!

But the charming story of the little red-headed orphan girl with a huge imagination will live in our hearts forever and, growing up, my best friend was a red-head and used to identify herself as “Anne Shirley” . . . I was her raven-headed Diana Berry! 😉

In homage, I named one of my most famous characters “Diana” & the nickname Di lives onto this day amongst some of my oldest friends! 😉

Anne of Green Gables


07 |  Noises Off!

OMG!!!! It is not possible to express in WORDS ALONE how witty and slapstick sight gag funny this movie is!! When I need a movie to just deep-belly laugh until my stomach hurts, this is the one!!! It’s an all-star cast with such movie greats as Sir Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, the late Christopher Reeve and the late John Ritter . . . but it’s particularly hilarious if you’ve ever done live theatre in any capacity, and had your show go completely off the rails on you!

To those of you who have ever put up a show before, onstage or back, you’ll totally get the insider jokes here!!!!

Noises Off!


06  |  Newsies

This Disney cult classic isn’t as well known as it should be, but hopefully the success with the Broadway run will revive more public interest in this little known classic! The music is WONDERFUL (written by the same team that did Little Mermaid and so forth), the choreography & dance is amazing!

Disney never puts up less than a spectacular show when they go all-out & this is no exception! If you have any love for musicals, you need to see this modern one done by Disney’s finest! (starring a very young Christian Bale eons before he was Batman and proving just how talented he is!)



05  |  The Emperor’s New Groove

This is another sadly underrated little gem of Disney’s! Tragically, I didn’t even go see it in theatres or anything because I thought it looked dull.

Oh SO WRONG, C! It’s cute and it’s funny as anything!! So many great quotes too: “Why do we even HAVE that lever?” *LOL!* & Kronk’s shoulder angel (&, ya know, the “other guy”).

The Emperor's New Groove


04  |  Labyrinth

It’s a long-standing cult classic and with good reason!

The songs, rock god David Bowie . . . gotta admit, there’s just something magical about this film, from the Escher room to the enchanted ballroom! I never tire of it! As dated as the effects are, it has a certain timeless appeal & about a thousand reasons to watch it again & again! First time I watched it was a dark room, midnight, on my birthday! *LOL!* Yep, when the Goblin King appeared, I got so spooked out I dragged Mikey (my best brother) out of bed & made him stay up & watch it with me!

Good times! 😉



03  |  Meet The Robinsons

This is a charming, winsome story about a little orphan boy searching for a family and a home. It’s touching, funny and lovely.

For many, many reasons, it’s one of my absolute favorites and I’d also like to thank Disney for giving me a very special “Prince Cranky–er, Charming” who exactly fits my profile: “Super Smart” (or, “scary brilliant”, if you prefer) handsome, nerdy, spiked hair, blue-eyed, wire-rimmed glasses, cranky-ass, thinks too much! 😉

Gee, wonder who he reminds me of? 😉 I’m onto your plan, L.C. Marrying him and teaching frogs to sing (if only in book pages), yep that sounds just about right! And I appreciate the insightful ‘kick in the pants’ about “Keep Moving Forward” towards your success, even when its tough and you kinda feel like a failure.

Meet The Robinsons


02  |  The Moon-Spinners

Okay, this was my favorite Disney movie as a little girl, really! 😉 & Mark was my first *ever* TV boyfriend . . . what can I say? Started young. 😉

I still love this movie dearly even though I’ve seen it billions of times now! I srsly want this vacation Nikki has with stolen emeralds and a handsome, romantic, mysterious stranger! Holy crap, my vacays have never been so interesting! 😉

Older now, I also understand better my young fascination with Mark. He’s charming, cranky-ass and an outrageous flirt, in turns. I’ve been known to be highly attracted to boys like that! 😉 & there’s still something deliciously yummy about him sleeping on her shoulder at the ruins– rawr!

The Moonspinners


01  |  Martian Child

Martian Child has to top the list! I heart this movie so, there aren’t even WORDS! It’s a beautiful journey of LOVE & I think I find just as lovely that it isn’t a romance but instead, the love between a father and son . . . it’s a movie about home & family & being loved for just who you are, & I can’t even express how lovely that is to me!!

It’s a beautiful movie & it’s a “feel-goodery” movie, because I always feel good while/&/after watching it! It cheers me on awful days and when I’m sick!! Even the sad moments don’t last too terribly long, but there are so many bright & funny & touching moments that well make up for it!

I quote this movie a lot! The relationship between David and Dennis is beautiful to watch grow & I think anyone who is special, who has ever felt they didn’t belong, be it from a different planet or just a different mindset, will understand and feel a kinship to this special film!!

Martian Child


I ♥ all these movies & highly recommend them to everyone! In fact, now picspamming all this has made ME want to go watch, like, ALL OF THESE! In order! TTFN! ♥


A/N: OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER . . . I’m not affiliated with any of these movies nor make a profit from them. Just a fan and these are my fangirl favorites! Carry on . . .
* So I screencapped most of these myself for my picspam.

After some digging about, I found Stardust caps here & Emperor’s New Groove here; everything else I had to cap myself. All of the movie posters (mini) came off Google; just picked out a design I liked.

* Images are all complied/colored/cropped by me.

* If you like any of these movies or have your own film reccs, drop me a line in the comments below!


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